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web design and marketing - Resources - Web design process walkthrough

Initial Meeting
You contact us and we arrange a time to meet. This initial meeting usually takes around an hour, we ask a few questions, get an idea of what it is you are after, why you want a website and what you hope it will achieve for you. Who is going to be your target audience. Whether it will require regular updates, will it need to rank high on search engines etc. We then make a site map of your website, what pages will link off the homepage and what pages will link to each other etc so we know how to go about putting it together. We gather any content you may already have such as corporate branding, including logos and corporate colour schemes. Any pre-typed content text, promotional material and imagery.

Design mockup and sign off
The next step is one of our talented designers will create a mock up or two of proposed designs of your website for you to look at. This is a simple static image created in a graphic program. This will be how your website will look and feel. This is the time for you to make any changes. Upon your approval we proceed to the next step.

Convert design mockup to web format such as html
We move into our web design application and create a functioning website which will look exactly like the approved design in the previous step. The site is skillfully crafted to be as small as possible in file size so it will download very quickly on the end users computer for fast viewing. It is also designed to work on cross platforms such as linux and Apple Mac computers and to fit all screen sizes so you reach the maximum audience possible. This is standard procedure on all our website unless specified differently by our client.

Insert & format content text, photos and other media
Now we add in all the content. The text, the photos, flash media, video clips, audio and whatever else you have requested. We lay out all the content and format the text using CSS for cleaner code. This again results in faster website viewing and easier indexing by search engines.

Submit to client for approval and minor tweaks
Here we submit an online working version of the website for you to test drive. It gets put on a temporary directory on our visualtwist domain, so the public can not see it. This is for you to make sure all is order, the correct photos are where they should be, no typos and that kind of thing. This is the time to change any content, like swap a photo, change the way a paragraph is worded etc.

Search engine optimisation and web marketing strategies
On this stage we optimise your site for the search engines, to ensure your target market can find you amongst the masses, and put into action any marketing strategies we have agreed on, such as paid advertising, banner marketing etc. This area is often under estimated by many people, it is important to allocate enough in your budget for your needs. We will discuss this with you during the initial meeting.

Upload site to server for you to show the world!
Once the site has been signed off and all the marketing strategies are in action, we upload your site to a server for the world to see! Organise any email addresses you need for your domain, which will look something like'', you can proudly show off your new website to you Clients, customers friends and family... even show your competition and make them envious!

Site upgrade and maintenance when requested
From here on in, any updates can be made via email or a phone call, and are usually carried out within 2 working days.