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Know what you want
Know why you want a website, what you want it to achieve for you. Who is your target audience? Does it need to rank well in search engines or is the traffic being directed there via advertising or other methods? Will it need to be updated often? Will new sections need to be added or taken away from time to time? Find a few url's of designs you like, not necessarily from your subject, just designs you like or aspects of.

Have an idea of what pages you want
Before our initial consultation, try and get an idea of what pages you want on the website and what pages need to link to other pages. We will go over this on our first meeting, but if you have an idea of what you want it will save us both time. Take a look at a few competitors websites to get an idea, and roadmap it out on a scrap piece of paper.

Content text
Most of you will have a receptionist, or someone with good office skills on the payroll. It will save you time and money if this person can type all the website content text and send it to us in digital format, this allows us to simply copy, paste and format the text, and saves many hours typing. It can be in a word document, an email and many other formats. Do check with us first if you are unsure. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars and also enables your brand new website to go 'live' much sooner.

Of course, if you prefer, we are more than happy to type it out as part of the design process.

Have all the imagery you need handy. This includes logos and corporate branding, photos (preferably in digital format). Pamphlets and other hardcopy numbered or sequenced ready to be scanned, or better yet pre-scanned!
If you require, we can arrange for a photographer to come out with a digital camera for your product shots, building or staff shot or anything else you need photos of and at a very reasonable rate!